Editorial Design
Transworld Skateboarding

Client Transworld Skateboarding
Category Editorial
Year 2011–2016

Art Direction Keegan Callahan
Photography Dave Chami, Mark Oblow, Andrew Peters, John Bradford, Jonathan Mehring, Chris Ortiz, Ryan Allan, Oliver Barton, Brian Gaberman, Jaime Owens, Sam Muller, Jeff Landi, Chad Foreman
A collection of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine features and select opening spreads printed from 2011–2016. Due to the often chaotic nature of capturing skateboarding in unlicensed urban environments, compiled photography from any given feature may contain many different locations, with varying lighting, and available architectural color and texture. Often compiled from various contributors using equipment and shooting styles, the resulting collections can be visually diverse. Running typographic and graphic elements, as well as layout choices, are employed to clearly tie together these image collections and separate one feature from the next.