Film Branding & Packaging 2017
Transworld Skateboarding

Video No. 28-29 Box Set

Client Transworld Skateboarding
Category Branding
Year 2017

Creative Direction Keegan Callahan
Photography Kyle Camarillo, Cameron Strand, Dave Chami, Ben Colen, Reece LeungBrent O’Donnell, Kyle Seidler, Sam Coady, Thomas Robinson, Patrick Wallner
Animation Keegan Callahan, Joe Pease
Cinematography Kyle Camarillo, Jacob Harris, Jack Thompson, Cameron Sparkes, Patrick Wallner
Annual full-length films numbers 28–29 released from 2017, The Cinematographer Project Worldview, and Riddles in Mathematics. Each film requires unique and flexible branding that will work in a variety of media throughout the year, from editorial and advertising both print and digital, to dvd packaging and premiere activations.