Magazine Redesign
Transworld Skateboarding

Client Transworld Skateboarding
Category Editorial
Year 2017–2018

Creative Direction Keegan Callahan
Photography Anthony Acosta, Ryan Allan, Blair Alley, Brandon Alton, Oliver Barton, Mike Blabac, Brian Blakely, Grant Brittain, Dave Chami, Ben Colen, Jon Coulthard, Jake Darwen, Ryan Flynn, Gaston Francisco, Brian Gabberman, Ben Gore, Mike Heikkila, Nicolas Jaquemin, Bart Jones, Michael Kazimierczuk, Daniel Luxford, Sam McGuire, Jonathan Mehring, Kevin Metallier, Sam Muller, Brent O'Donnell, Jaime Owen, Eric Palozzolo, Alex Papke, Pep Kim, Joe Pease, Andrew Peters, Matt Price, Thomas Robinson, Sem Rubio, Kyle Seidler, Mac Shafer, Cameron Strand, Nils Svensson, Wes Tonascia, Seu Trinh, Mark Waters, Tobin Yelland
Transworld Skateboarding Magazine redesigned bi-monthly format printed from 2017–2018. A colorful spine wrap was introduced to house all required elements; issue number, updated word mark, photo caption, and upc, allowing for the clean presentation of an uncropped vertical cover photo. The design changes coincided with a substantial increase in paper quality, further echoing the brands commitment to curating and archiving imagery that deserves to be printed. The interior design updates mirror the approach taken with the cover, uninterrupted full bleed spreads and single pages opposite colorful floods, often with entire article text appearing on a single page for uninterupted deep reading.